Thursday, January 11, 2007

Winter Sales Above $100

To continue the momentum from the other day, here are a few items from two of my favourite brands to shop at (because of their brilliant style and relatively affordable prices as opposed to say. . . the real Chloe) that are still on the sales rack.
See by Chloe tux vest ($136)and jackets($246) absolutely LOVE these tux styled jackets, because I think it instantly adds class and style to any outfit. For adventurous souls out there try the vest. But for those who go more for the classics, like me, definitely get a tux jacket. I have a similar one and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Next on my list are silk shirts. As you can see, my obsession with silk has carried over from this summer. They just look so feminine pretty and shiny! They are great for work or to just look pretty with jeans. They are just great. These two are from See by Chloe ($261, $174 respectively).re silk shirts, these two are from Marc by Marc Jacobs. The one on the left is similar to those above($136.80), except I think the black tie makes it look fun. And even though the one on the right ($173.60) looks somewhat plain, I think it'll be a neat match for all those dressy winter skirts that you don't know what to wear with.
Another silk dress here from Marc by Marc Jacobs (right: $243.60)
. I think the two materials used here is just genius and perfect for a night out. And for something more casual, there is this more casual printed dress (left: $196)also from Marc by Marc Jacobs, just the thing for night and day!
I am coming to LOVE cardigans recently, and these two from Marc by Marc Jacobs are just the thing to spice up the usual. Ok, so this brown one here on the left ($248)is not on sale (except for the khaki version of this, but I think brown is SO much better) so it really shouldn't be in this post- but I just couldn't resist because it looks sooo cute! And for something with a bit of a twist, there is this balloon sleeved cardigan for $148.
Another adorable cardigan from Paul and Joe Sister for $62 (I've been eyeing this one since Paris!). And something cute to match from See by Chloe ($96). I love the length and the tailored boxy style of these winter shorts.And to keep you warm and cozy, there is this hat/scarf set and funky hat ($103.60) from Marc by Marc Jacobs. The flower on the gret hat ($68.60)is to-die-for!

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