Monday, February 11, 2013


Choosing panties should not be done randomly. In one case, we can choose a panties collection fromsloggi underwear since it is well-known as Europe’s best selling product. What is more, its products come in a great variety of cuts. So, you will find one that fits to your shape perfectly. It is also highly suggested to find panties with comfortable cotton crotch. Once we can get panties with the most comfortable cotton crotch, we can feel comfortable and confident because we do not squeeze our private parts. There are several other things to consider in choosing the right panties.

The first thing is you should pick panties based on the occasion you are planning to wear them on. If it is for everyday use, you can choose panties made out of fabric. These panties will let your skin breathe. If it is for elegant occasions, you can find panties whose colors match with your dress. The second thing is you need to measure around your waist. It is very important to help you avoiding buying the wrong panty size. In addition, do not forget to measure your hips in the fullest area as well and write down each number. So, are you ready to shop for the new panties?