Monday, February 12, 2007

Ashley Wears the Turban (sort of)

I don’t usually say this, but I knew it! So practically every style magazine has had an editorial or two featuring this season’s supposedly hit item, the turbans courtesy of Prada, or at least turban-inspired headbands. It’s also understood among everyone that the turbans are artistic to look at in photos, but not really THE item we will be wearing this summer. I had guessed that if there was anyone who was actually going to wear the turban, it would be one of the Olsen twins. I actually thought Mary Kate would be the first to wear the trend, but Ashley was just spotted wearing a turban-inspired headband last week. Huh, turns out Ashley is a bit more adventurous than I thought.

I absolutely hate this turban trend. But to give Ashley credit, the turban-inspired headband looks decent enough on her, although it sort of ruins that whole rock chick feel from her clothes. Perhaps a short (but not flash-your-butt-short) dress would have complimented the headband more? Just my opinion. Anyways, as unique and trendy as MKA are, let’s just hope they won’t feel the need to wear a complete turban.

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