Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Chicago Auto Show 2007

The other day, I went to the Chicago Auto Show and it was a LOT of fun! Surprising that it would even come out of my mouth, since I know next to nothing about cars, right? My friends thought so too, but it turns out, an auto show is more than just cars. . .

First there was a GM 2007 Imagine kick off, which was very interesting because this is where fashion students from International Academy of Design Technology, get a sneak peek at the GM vehicles this year from which they will draw inspiration to design a garment from for the 2007 Imagine Fashion Show in May. I'm intrigued to find out how one goes about designing garment based on a car. Incidentally there were lots of cool cars. For this sexy red Chevy, they even have a photographer there to take a free picture of you inside it. I am checking mine out online, right now!

There were also many other hot cars to take pictures with. Porsche's, Mercedes, BMW's, Lexus (above) and huge trucks that makes me look TINY in comparison. It was quite cool.
Then there were just really cool carsto look at, like this Lambourghini (left)(did I spell this right?) and this fully functional car called the Bullet (right)that was supposedly in some movie. Doesn't it look like a space ship?

At the autushow, you can also do an advertisement for Toyota. You get to stand in front of a green screen and read off a prompter. Afterwards they burn it onto a DVD for you to take home. I highly recommend this. Then at the Army booth, you can rock climb, take pictures with tanks and get your own personalised dogtag! Other cool things we saw on tv but missed out (shame!) is a driving course, where you can drive a jeep up model mountains and rough terrains, moving car video games. . . . . . all the fun stuff.

So if you're in the area this week, definitely stop by the autushow!

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