Monday, March 12, 2007

Kate Moss Top Shop Collection Preview in Vogue

The new issue of Vogue UK is out! Usually, a new issue wouldn't get me that excited, but this issue has an exclusive preview of the much anticipated Kate Moss Top Shop collection. This issue was such a big deal that even Kate Phelan, co-fashion director of Vogue UK, appeared on BBC Morning to talk about the issue and Kate Moss' line. Actually, the interview was pretty interesting -the interviewer kept trying to bring up negative topics, like is it right for Kate to be earning more money than before after the cocaine incident, or wouldn't the clothes on Kate not look as good as on us? Kate Phelan of course, kept everything positive.
OK, I'm getting off topic here, my point is, the collection -at least those seen so far -is cool, like seriously cool. And it does look very Kate. From the preview, the collection has mainly composed of vests, blazer, shorts, suit trouser and many mini dresses, all in typical Kate colours -white, black, blue and vintage prints. I really like this vintage printed dress -it looks like a perfect balance of vintage and modern style. (Although I don't think I'll buy it because it feels like a 25-35 yr old dress.)
Now this dress I really love. I LOVE the details: one-shouldered with a lapel (gives the white dress an edge), the skirt part looks pleated and it's made of cotton, which seemed like a cheap material choice to me, but it just occured to me that cotton makes it more practical because it could be worn as an uber-cool daytime dress.

I never look foward too much to high street collaborations because they usually turn out to be unremarkable and low quality clothes, but the Kate collection is looking so far so good. (Besides, it's something to be happy about in May as opposed to exams.) The only thing I hate about it is that so many people will line up on the first day that I wouldn't even get near the dresses. Go figure.

I know everyone has probably seen the scans of Kate's preview online, but trust me, seeing it in print is so much better. Oh, and for those who don't want to spend 3.70pounds for only Kate's interview and preview, there are also a few other pretty editorials and the usual fantastic content to read. Enjoy!

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