Thursday, March 1, 2007

New SS07 Layout: Walk tall, dream high

OK, so we've been so busy lately that we didn't actually think we would have the new layout made and published on time. (For those readers who have been with us a long time, you would know that it's about time we changed our layout.) But turns out that the more school work we had, the more willing we were to procrastinate by playing with Photoshop!

So we started off with this season's oh-so-'in' super-wedges. I was determined to have a Vuitton shoe in the banner. We played around the idea of having various shoes from runway photos in a clockwork motion, but the banner made me feel like the models' feet were going to kick out from the laptop screen and into my face. Plus BG complained that some of the models had blotchy and stubby feet, so that idea went out the window.

Then I went through my collection of photos (that didn't have me in them) and found this photo of the glass pyramid at the Lourve that I took during a family vacation in Paris two years ago. BG used her Photoshop-cutting skills to cut out various runway models and other shoes, and I put them into a collage. At the end, we decided that simplicity was the key and left on only of the IT outfit from Balenciaga and Vuitton shoe. And we do so love the reflections on the glass and the blue sky, (it makes us feel like we are on summer holiday with the air conditioning on- the best kind!).

We wanted to keep our layout clean and simple (not that we know how to make it complicated). But in the end, we love our new banner (and it's name!) We feel that its refreshing and definitely different from what we had before.
Let us know if the layout doesn't work on your browser and we'll do our best with our limited html knowlege to change it!

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