Wednesday, January 17, 2007

64th Golden Globes Awards Fashion: The Uglies

After all the ooh and ahhing yesterday, its time for the 'uglies'! In Hollywood, or at least all these female stars, none of them can be classified as ugly. They're all prettier than any of us. But when I call them 'uglies' here, I mean that their dresses are either really ugly or doesn't suit them, or they could have easily looked prettier. Firrt comes the ugly dresses:

Venessa Williams -Oh my. She usually looks so fabulous on Ugly Betty. What the heck happened? The hair! The uncomplimenting fur coat. And that dress and skin tone makes her body look like Victoria Beckham's! She looks way more evil here than on Ugly Betty!

Jennifer Love Hewitt -I've never really been a fan of her dress choices, but this dress is just terrible and old-looking. It would be nice to see her wear some flattering colours for a change.

Beyonce -Again, I've never been a fan of her clothes. But eek! That Ellie Saab dress is so gold, so shiny and SO tacky. This is the Golden Globes, not Showgirl.

Courtney Cox -She is so gorgeous, especially for her age. Which is why it is such a pity she chose such an unpleasant dress. The black lace material on top has a weird pattern on it.

Nicollette Sheridan -I usually love black and white, but this is dress is just wrong.

Becki Newton -My favourite newcomer this tv season. She's absolutely hilarious and gorgeous on Ugly Betty. One of the reasons why I watch Ugly Betty is for her performance and all those cute office outfits she wears. Anyways, not that she looks terrible in this green dress, it's just that there's something not quite perfect about it. I reckon it's the cutting -the bottom half of the dress could be better.

Heidi Klum -The dress just looks like a white sheet wrapped around her. Simple in an unstylish way. A dress is bad when even a top model couldn't carry it off.

Angelina Jolie -She is so gorgeous, so maybe that's why she looked decent enough in this unflattering dress, or why no one dared to make a comment about that dress. I've read so many reports on how the grey dress matches her grey eyes, or something like that. But I've also read that Angelina wasn't happy about the dresses St. John made for her and St. John had to rush-make new ones for her. All I can say is, this dress was made by St. John. Period.

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