Monday, January 22, 2007

Single or Double Eye Lids?

I can't say I personally have this problem, but from friends who do have single eye lids, they've always had a problem with applying the current eye make-up trends or just eye make-up in general because they don't have the crease. I guess I can see why and that is probably one of the reasons why double eye lid surgerys have become so common nowadays. For those of you who want double eye lids but think that a surgery is a bit too scary (and it IS!), here is a little contraption the japanese came up with to give you temporary double eye lids.
The Koji Technical Eye Tape is basically a clever thin tape in the shape of the contours of your eyes. You stick it on the top of your lids, look up, let it stick and *viola* double eye lids! Thats the theory anyway. The application, like that of fake eye lashes, is not as easy as it sounds. The effect is also probably not as perfect as one would hope, because from the side you can totally see the tape. And even from front on, it looks slightly unnatural. But still, for all intents, you have double eye lids for the day. Isn't this such a clever idea? I never even knew such a thing existed until this weekend when my friend came in with suddenly double eye lids!

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