Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mr. Blackwell's 47th annual "Worst Dressed" list

Mr. Blackwell's famous annual worst dress list was released a few days ago, and I only got around looking at it properly. Quite frankly, I don't agree with half the list, and I don't care about the people on the other half of the list. So I'm just going to talk about the people who I notice.

No.1 Britney and Paris -"Two peas in an overexposed pod"
Oh Britney Britney, I thought losing K Fed was going to make you a pretty star again. Unfortunately setting you free on your own was even worse. Stop flashing your private bits and underwear. I also read today that you don't listen to your stylist. It's always best to listen to the pro dear, especially since you obviously have no personal style.

OK, onto Paris. Now I am no fan of Paris' and have always thought she looked just-not-right in most of her outfits, (although her hair was so pretty in Simple Life 3.) But it is SO wrong to place Paris up at No.1 with Britney. I actually think many of Paris' outfits are ok, but it's her who looks odd. I've chosen a few photos here which shows Paris is not-bad outfits, and in a terrible one.

No.3 Lindsay Lohan -"from adorable to deplorable"
Riiight. Why on earth is Lindsay on this list? Apart from the very occasional mistakes (-she is human afterall), Lindsay has been dressing really well. With her limitless wardrobe, she's sometimes casual, sometimes hot, sometimes high-fashion, sometimes in a stylish dress etc. Oh, and let's not forget she has nice taste in bags. Just because Lindsay is an easy target, doesn't mean should be in every negative lists out there. Leave her alone.

No.5 Mariah Carey -"the queen of catastrophic kitsch"
Totally. Actually, Mariah should be bumped up to no.2.

No.9 Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh doesn't seem to have mastered the art of picking the perfect outfit yet, but they're not all too bad. She wore too many necklaces with that blue Vera Wang dress, but the black dress on the right (the picture taken only a few days ago,) acutally looks quite nice on her. I love her as an actress so much but alas, I can't defend her because her everyday clothes which I've seen from the very few paparazzi photos have been seriously ugly.

As for Blackwell's 10 "fabulous fashion independents" list, most of these so-called independents don't get photographed much and don't make particularly exciting or influential fashion choices. Oh, and what kind of best dressed list is it that doesn't have Kate Moss on it?

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