Friday, January 19, 2007

Dolce &Gabbana Menswear Ads

Back in the days when Dior first came out with their gorgeous Vintage Flower collection I remember all the guys coveting Harrod Girl's poster of that ad because they thought the model in it was really hot (we just thought the ad and the bags were gorgeous). I didn't really get what they meant back then, but now I think I do.
Ever since spotting this D&G FW06 ad at the Milan train station (Welcome to Milan!) and then spotting it again at the metro station at Port Royal (its everywhere!), I've been wanting one of these posters for my room. Dolce & Gabbana really know how to pick their models. I don't know who this model is (anyone know?), but he's just so fine (the one on the left that is). Their SS07 ads for Dolce and Gabanna are not too bad either. Like this one here, I love the blazer and denim look on guys. Put together, yet casual. I especially like the model in the middle ;). Admittedly though a lot of other Dolce and Gabbanna menswear ads look really gay (well considering their audience it makes sense), but there are always a few for us girls, that are so hot that all we want to do is stare at it all day.

So yes, just wanted to share these fashionable eye candies with you girls out there :D

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