Sunday, October 21, 2012

Making Your Own Trendy Retro Skirt Without Breaking Your Budget

The clothing fashion industry has always taken pride in their ability to produce the trendiest look for the modern-day woman and bringing back previously fashionable retro skirts into the scheme of things that can be tricky even if they do have that vintage chic look about them. Clothing designers have always prided themselves in being able to produce designs that look unique and chic but at the same time comfortable and practical, which probably explains why they do tend to revamp previously successful trends.

Retro skirts are one of the most commonly used clothing basics that a stitch here, a tuck there, and an accessory or two would make it look like a very new design concept. Some designers are truly gifted that one would hardly recognize the basic design material unless they closely scrutinize the design itself.

The truth of the matter is that fashion is just a cycle of designs that gets a new "look" or revamp. One doesn't even have to spend their budget on the brand new skirt design. Look closely, isn't that the same retro skirt that you purchased last year but with a different accessory. There is a distinct possibility that you just need to shop in your closet (or an older female relative's closet for that matter) to achieve the same design that you just saw on the catwalk or fashion magazine.

The first step is to look for retro skirts that may just be hanging in the closet. Try to compare it with the one that you saw in the fashion magazine. It may not be the same color or cut but if it is undamaged during storage and looked good on you when you bought it then you have half your work, and expense budget, cut out for you.

The second step would be to compare the current style and the style of the retro skirts that you have on-hand. If you are handy with a needle and a thread then you can easily make the necessary changes to make it trendy. You might need to sew in a couple of accessories to achieve the look that you want. You can visit a craft shop or even go online to find the right accessory that you are looking for. If you are not that handy with the thread and needle, it is highly advisable that you visit a seamstress so you can have your skirt fitted and decorated to your liking. Bring along a photo of the design that you want the seamstress to copy to avoid confusion to the design that you want to achieve.

Matching the skirt with a suitable top doesn't even have to be a problem since skirts are easily paired with almost anything to achieve a feminine look. You can even pair up your newest blouse, sleeved or sleeveless, with your skirt even if the skirt style is not in keeping with the latest fashion trend. Basically, retro skirts have a style on its own that even the most fashion conscious female can wear it regardless of the season or the occasion.

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